COntext DEsign API

Created by Gabriele Bianchi

CoDe API is a programming interface under GNU GPL licence; it is created to support software developers creating context-aware applications. Context-aware applications can adapt their behaviour towards the user depending on his/her context (enviromental conditions, user activity, user location..).
For this purpose these applications must create and manage a quite accurate description of the user's context.
The concept of context is obviously very general and ambiguous, and a great number of researchers in the field of Ambient Intelligence and Context-Awareness, have tried to find an exhaustive definition for ten years. The CoDe API is based on a model of Context created for the KAMER project (Knowledge Management in Ambient Intelligence) in collaboration with Dr. Federica Paganelli; KAMER is a two years research project funded by Regione Emilia-Romagna and coordinated by HP.
The API is also my final project work of the master course in Free and Open source software Technologies (Alma Graduate School of Information Technology, University of Bologna).

Download Area
J-CoDe (Java)php-CoDe (php5)

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